Learning Process

MCF will provide a series of free-of-charge music training programme at 3 different levels.

Level 1: Music Cradle (Age 3-6)

Level 2: Instrument Introduction / Chorus Training (Age 6-8)

Level 3: Instruments Training / Ensembles / Choirs (Age 8-12)

Having gone through the training stages, students with outstanding performance will have the opportunity to join the Great Eagle Music Children Ensemble/Great Eagle Music Children Choir.

There is also an opportunity to apply for scholarship.


Members of the Great Eagle Music Children Ensemble
Passing the assessment
Great Eagle Music Children Ensemble
Great Eagle Music Children Choir
Age 8-12
Instruments Training / Ensembles / Choirs
Age 6-8
Instrument Introduction / Chorus Training
Age 3-6
Music Cradle