Music Children Foundation


An activity introducing MCF, our programme to children (i.e. service targets) and their parents, in which children will be able to try out different piece of instruments and enroll to one instrument class.

Children will try out all the classical instruments in these group learning classes. Tutors will give remarks according to the learning ability and physical capability of each child based on the professional assessment.

Group lessons with a size of 4-6 students will be conducted throughout the year by professional musicians who are graduates of Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, universities or conservatories, both local and overseas.

Service targets will also be invited to attend concerts to learn how to appreciate music and to increase their social skills by joining the same activity and attending concerts together. After bringing their son/daughter to attend class and practice, parents will gather at lounge area when music will be played. Talks about parenting and volunteering skills will be arranged to enrich their life and family relationship.

A music camp allowing parents/grandparents of service targets to appreciate the learning result of their beloveds’ hard work and offer a chance to foster parent-child relationship.


An orchestra that emphasizes teamwork, cooperation, and positive self-efficacy as well as collective responsibility through classical music performance is formed.  The Orchestra will accommodate various performance skill levels and ages among children with emphasis on musical technique and skills as well as musicianship.


Choir is a large ensemble-based class that emphasizes teamwork, cooperation, and positive self-efficacy through choral repertoire. The choir will encourage children to develop skills in sight-reading music and lyrics, which will improve cognitive function through the process of turning abstract musical notation into physical action. This joyful learning, requiring participation of the children, will foster intrinsic motivation and teamwork among children.


Members of the Orchestra and Choir from MCF will participate in public performance. It will boost up children’s confidence and help them self-esteem and sense of achievement.Children will perform in different locations, such as streets, MTR stations, and open areas or shopping malls of housing estates. Christmas Carol service will be organised during Christmas time.


An annual concert will be organized for the participants each year.  This is the time when our services targets can perform with the skills learnt in the past year and also let public understand that music is for every child regardless of their age, social background, financial status, race and ability.


MCF staffs will visit regularly the households of selected service targets to care and encourage their family members so as to ease some of their difficulties. The visit may also help enhance better communication with them.