Children aged between 3-6 will be able to experience musical instruments and explore the world of music before choosing the right instrument that matches their character.  This process will bolster their musical senses and help build a solid foundation for their training.

The “Music Cradle” programme consists of 3 levels (elementary, intermediate, and advanced) with specific features.  It is a gradual process to let children understand and learn music – an entry programme for musical instruments trainings.

(1) When is the time for recruitment? 

We accept new application quarterly. Every January, May and August start our recruitment. (Details please refer to our website and social media platform)

(2) What supporting documents are required? 

Applicant need to submit a photocopy of Birth certificate or ID card of the child and Student handbook (i.e. the page with student photo and family information) upon application.

Anyone who want to apply Course-fee remission, need to submit a photocopy of the valid Certificate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistant (CSSA) or Certificate of full/half fee remission of Student Financial Assistant Agency.

(3) Can authorize another person to submit the form on my behalf? 

Yes, you can. Please be reminded that if supporting documents are not complete, we have the right to refuse to handle such application.

(4) How will the organization contact me for further notification ? 

Successful applicants will receive an Admission Notice via whatsapp message from telephone

no: 92639373

(5) When and how to pay ?

Please deposit the required fees to the designated account before the specified date in the admission notice, and whatsapp the payment slip to 92639373. Applicants must keep the payment slip and return it to our staff on the start day.

(6) If my application is unsuccessful, will the supporting documents be returned to me? 

All supporting documents submitted to the organization WILL NOT be returned to the applicants.

(7) Can I apply again if my application is not successful? Do I need to submit the supporting documents again?

If applicants are not admitted this term, parents can still re-apply for the next term.

(8) How can I reflect my opinion on your classes? 

We welcome parents reflect their views about our services. Please send us your thoughts via email at contact@musicchildren.org.hk, or fax to (852) 2456 3227.