• To bring music into the lives of children from grass-roots families by providing them with professional music training, thereby changing their lives for the good of the family and society at large.


  • To provide free-of-charge music training to children from grass-roots families, making it a happy experience that helps build their confidence, sense of pride, character, and give them the ability to express themselves through music.
  • To provide a comprehensive, high-quality music training programme to children from grass-roots families to enhance their appreciation of the arts through attending concerts and other arts performances. 
  • To bring about better parent-child relationship, and for parents to acquire parenting skills by offering them a variety of activities – concerts, other arts performances, seminars and workshops – where parents would attend with their children.

Core Values

Modestly & Respect

Respect, appreciate and recognize every individual for his or her talents.

Kindness & Love

Be kind and loving to others.

Equality & Fairness

Treat people with fairness regardless of their age, gender, race and background.


Be generous with your time and resources to help others in need.


Welcome into MCF children and their families from different background, as well as others from across generations, making everyone a worthy member of the community.

Community Spirlt

Create a close-knit and caring community through working with different groups when delivering the MCF programmes.

Team Spirit

Work as team in a caring and friendly environment.


Use resources with care and prudence to ensure the best possible services for the biggest number of beneficiaries.


Be creative through music.


Strive for excellence under professional coaching and a friendly learning environment.