Music Children Foundation


Build their confidence, shape their characters, and to express themselves through music.

Established in 2013, Music Children Foundation (MCF) aims to provide free-of-charge music programmes for underprivileged children aged 16 or below in Hong Kong. This allows for learning in an enjoyable environment to help them build their confidence, shape their characters, and help them express themselves through music. Led and instructed by professional musicians, the programmes provide comprehensive music education through the teaching of musical instruments, orchestra and choir training, music appreciation, and attending music and other arts performances to broaden their horizon
and enhance their appreciation abilities. Children are encouraged to develop their potential and talents in music on top of their academic studies. 

The support of volunteers and professional musicians has made it possible for us to offer many music programmes and give performances. We are hoping to make music part of everyday life for the underprivileged children, and using it to change their lives for the good of Hong Kong, and highlight the need to help the less fortunate in society.