Music Cradle

First step of engaging with music: Start from sensing, experiencing, exploring…


We often think of learning to play an instrument when it comes to music. Before learning any musical instrument, what is required to prepare children to subconsciously fall in love with music?


The Music Cradle programme – face-to-face and online is designed by our professional music education consultant. Participants can choose the learning mode based on their needs. Children who have reached 80% attendance rate will be able to receive a Music Cradle certificate.


Music Cradle (Physical Class)

The course consists of three levels. In a graduated manner it helps children to engage with, experience and explore music.


The course includes the basics of music theory. It lays a good foundation for children to choose and learn musical instruments in the future.


Features of the Course:

  1. Create children’s songs with local characteristics by mixing classical music with Cantonese lyrics.
  2. Learn through a combination of kinaesthetic, hearing and visual elements the skills of performance and music creation.
  3. Learn music an active way through engaging in fun activities.
  4. Emphasize on singing and get acquainted with orchestral instruments. The course prepares children to participate in chorus and musicals, and learn musical instruments.


Course Notes:

  1. Children will attend lessons in groups. Parent’s company is not required.
  2. Participants who have reached 80% attendance rate will receive a Music Cradle certificate.
  3. Each subsidized student will receive 1 tuition subsidy only per level.
  4. MCF reserves the right to change the lessons to online mode under influence of COVID or unexpected circumstances.


Elementary level-Music Forest


How to appreciate “Peer Gynt Suites” by Edvard Hagerup Grieg ?

What is the difference between the violin and the trumpet?

How to coordinate rhythm and painting in a musical event?

The curriculum 0f Music Cradle will let you explore the wonderful world of music, experience different musical instruments, enjoy classical music, learn basic music theory, and be inspired to create music. Let’s set free our ears to listen to the beautiful music; vibrate our vocal cords to explore our unique voices; wriggle our bodies to enter into the world of electrifying rhythm….


Class duration – 1.5 hour (Full term – 24 hours)


Class Code : Y3-23NC1-I
Date : 8, 15, 22, 29 Oct 2023 & 5, 12, 19, 26 Nov 2023 & 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Dec 2023 & 7, 14, 21 Jan 2024 (Every Sunday) 
Time : 12:00noon – 1:30pm
Class Size : 15 pax
Venue : Music Children Foundation — 9D, The Globe, 79 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
Fee : HK$3600 *

*Qualified students can apply for a tuition fee reduction. If you submit a sample of a full subsidy letter <sample> or a proof of assistance letter for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) <sample> during the application process and it is approved, you will be granted a full exemption. Similarly, if you submit a sample of a half subsidy letter <sample> and it is successfully approved, you can receive a half exemption. For any inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp.

** Each subsidized student can only receive tuition fee assistance once per level.



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Intermediate level-Touring Hong Kong

Music Forest animals gathering! Do you know each of the Music Forest members? By touring the popular sites of Hong Kong children will further learn the unique characteristics of each musical instrument, different styles of music, and strengthen their footing in music theory. Break free to sing and dance with the animals in Music Forest!

Class duration – 1.5 hour (Full term – 12 hours)



Short-term summer course -Touring the world

Let’s go travel:
Music course for the kids

Looking for any adventures?  
The Music course “ Let’s go travel ” will bring your kids a new experience around the world through music appreciation:
~nursery rhyme singing from different counties;
~traditional musical instruments;
~develop creativity and imagination through different cultures;
~enhance body movement, motor and dance by following variety rhythm patterns

We have prepared passport for your trip, looking forward to travelling around the world with you!

Class duration – 1.5 hour (Full term – 12 hours)

Cradle Online

It is capable to experience the beauty of music through online classes……

This course is specially designed for online learning where children will experience and explore the world of music.


Class duration – 1 hour (Full term – 10 hours)


Features of the Course:

  1. Create children’s songs with local characteristics by mixing classical music with Cantonese lyrics.
  2. Learn basic music theory and feel music rhythm through a combination of Kinesthetic, hearing and visual elements.
  3. Learn music free from physical limitations from high quality coaching videos produced by a professional music team.
  4. Interact with teachers in real time.
  5. Acquaint children with orchestral instruments in a story telling approach.



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