Advisors / Consultants

(In alphabetical order according to last name)

Mr. Cheung, Chris (Composer)
Mr. Kuok, Julie (Pianist)
Ms. Lee, Colleen (Pianist)
Mr. Lee, Warren (Pianist)
Ms. Loo, Nancy (Pianist)
Ms. Lue, Eva (Pianist)
Mr. Lun, Edward (Composer)
Ms. Ng, Poly (Composer)
Mr. Tam, Victor (Oboist/Conductor)
Mr. Tsoi, Ray (Violinist)

Ms. Wong, Zerlina (Senior Instructor of IED (Music))
Dr. Wong, Paulina (Assistant Professor of Teaching (CCA), Associate Director of School Partnership and Field Experience)

Dr. Chan, Phyllis (Psychiatrist)
Ms. Hong, Janet (Family Therapist and Registered Counselling Psychologist)
Ms. Hui Helena (Public Relations Consultant)
Dr. Poon, Rachel (Clinical Psychologist)
Mr. Yam, Cheung Tat (Instrument Repair Specialist)