Policy Donation Concert

29 Jan 2019


Insurance is a means for self-protection; it is also a way to show love and care to others by donating protection policy to those in need.  On 28 January MCF was invited, together with other welfare organizations and performance artists to perform at the Policy Donation Concert organised by LUA Foundation ‧ Life Care Movement, demonstrating the infinite possibilities of how music can make an impact to life.

The theme of the 1.28 Policy Donation Charity Concert cum World Policy Donation day is “with no disregard”.  The concert, which comprised of music, song and dance, and individual artistic creations, was to bring about the concept of “Not Being Neglected”, and appeal to the public for donating 1% to an insurance policy thereby achieving 100% of all possibilities.  MCF is one of the beneficiaries and all our children gave 100% in the performance.