Eligibility requirement

Eligible applicants include families receiving:

  • Comprehensive Social Security Assistance
  • Full subsidy of Financial Assistance Schemes for Students
  • Low-income Families Allowance and special cases referred by social workers or social welfare organizations

* The median monthly household income for low-income family must be less than 60%.


Low-income family definition:

Monthly household income of different household sizes (i.e. 1-person, 2 person…) is less than or equal to 60% of the median of the monthly household income of the same household size in Hong Kong.

Upon assessment of the applicant’s financial status, the applicant’s monthly household income must conform to the above stated Low-income family definition.  MCF will refer to the Median Monthly Domestic Household Income by Household Size survey conducted at regular intervals by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (see Table 1).  The monthly household income of the applicant must not exceed the corresponding entry as stipulated in the table.

Table1*: Median Monthly Domestic Household Income (update on regular basis)

Number of members

Median Monthly Domestic Household Income (HKD) 

(4th Quarter, 2021)

1 $9,500    ==> 60% = $5,700
2 $20,700   ==> 60% = $12,420
3 $35,000   ==> 60% = $21,000
4 $44,600   ==> 60% = $26,760
5 $45,800   ==> 60% = $27,480
6 or above $50,200   ==> 60% = $30,120

*Domestic households by household size and monthly household income (excluding foreign domestic helpers) (Table 9.4A in Quarterly Report on General Household Survey)


In spite of the abovementioned regulations, if an applicant is under special social and financial adverse conditions, or referred by a registered social welfare agent, MCF will consider the application on a discretionary basis.  MCF reserves the rights to make the final decisions.


Assessment of household income and assets (1) of the applicant will be based on the family as a unit that includes the applicant and all the core members of the family living together.  Core members include the applicant’s parents (2), offspring (2), spouse, and dependent siblings (under age 18, full-time student age 18-25, disabled adult (3)).


Household income includes:

Salary, pension, core members of the family living together with financial sponsorships from relatives or friends, assets and/or income generated from assets of core members of the family living together, all fixed income and/or compensation of all kinds.

Financial assistance from the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Employment Encouragement Transportation Subsidy Scheme, Low-income Families Allowance, and Social Security Allowance Scheme – General disability allowance, High disability allowance, Ordinary elderly living allowance, and High elderly living allowance), subsidies from Care Fund Assistance Project will not be counted as household income.

(1) Financial scrutiny includes the applicant and core members of the family living together (parents, offspring, spouse, and dependent siblings).

(2) Legally recognized adopted parents/children relationships, step-children with proof of parents/children relationships.

(3) Disabled adult siblings receiving disability allowance under the Social Security Allowance Scheme; ill-health/disabled adult aged under 65 who are 100% disabled and/or requiring constant attendance receiving standard rates assistance under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme.


Application Methods

Applicants must submit ALL supporting documents upon application. Applicants need to bring both the original AND the copy of all documents for review purpose.  Otherwise, your application will not be handled without prior notice.

  • Birth certificate of the child or ID card AND parents’ identification document (including Hong Kong Identity Card or Two-way Permit, etc.) ; and
  • Proof of social security assistance, or proof of full, 3/4, half textbook allowance; and
  • Bank book (inside pages) of both parents with name and bank account number, bank statement/records of financial condition for the latest 6 months. If bank statement is not available, income proof of other means must be provided (e.g. salary pay slip); and
  • address proof (e.g. lease contract, utility bills etc.); and
  • Student handbook (i.e. the page with student photo and family information); and
  • Social Worker referral letter (if any); and
  • One student photo (about 5 cm x 2. 5 cm) – Please write down the name and telephone number of the child


Registration Notice

  • The Jockey Club Music Children Fruit Programme is eligible for low-income families. For details, see above.
  • If supporting documents are not completely submitted, we have the right to refuse to handle such application. Upon verification of application, applicants will be invited to have an interview. Original documents must be shown during interview for verification.  Otherwise, your application will not be handled without prior notice.
  • Priority will be reserved for those children who have not learned musical instruments before unless any written prove have been submitted.
  • All applicants should declare in good faith the information required and be aware that if there is any false report or concealment of information, Music Children Foundation is eligible to disqualify the student from studying in Music Children Foundation.
  • Upon verification of application, applicants will receive WhatsApp message for arrangement of interviews. If applicants fail to attend interviews at the scheduled time, his/her application will be regarded as failed.
  • Successful applicants will have to attend the Demonstration and Trial classes initially. Afterwards, if he/she passes the assessment, if he/she passes the assessment, he/she will continue to instrumental classes assigned by the tutors, and/or choir classes. Selected candidates will also attend musical performances or other related activities.  
  • Music Children Foundation reserves the right the right to change the eligibility and notice of the application.