(1) What courses are available? What kinds of instruments will be taught in the classes?

Music Children Foundation targets to serve children from underprivileged families aged between 1 to 16. There are Music Cradle provides free fundamental music training for preschool children aged 1 to 6, whereas Jockey Club Music Children Fruit Programme offers free instrumental or choir training for children aged 6 to 12.

Jockey Club Music Children Fruit Programme 

By providing free instrumental training to children from underprivileged families, Music Children Foundation hopes to cultivate musical sense, establish self-confidence and improve the ability to concentrate for these children.  Apart from regular music classes, the organization also offers various performance opportunities for its students, with the aim to improve their self-confidence, sense of responsibility, and the ability to collaborate with others.

Currently, instruments available for students include string (violin, viola, cello), woodwind (flute, saxophone, clarinet), brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn, euphonium, tuba) and percussion. Students will be assigned their instrument by their tutors upon completion of Demonstration and Trial classes.

(2) When is the time for recruitment? 

We accept new application every year from April to Jun. Interviews are usually arranged in Jun to August, while classes will start from September each year.

(3) What are the application criteria? 

Applicants should fulfil the requirements under low-income families stated by the Hong Kong government, or are families with special needs (e.g. single-parent family or cases referred by school teachers or social workers).  Low-income families are defined as under 50% median income level of the respective household size. For details, please refer to application criteria.

Applicants must be aged between 1 to 12 years old.

(4) How can I apply? 

During the recruitment period, you may visit the office of Music Children Foundation within our office hours to attain an application form. One application form and supporting documents are required for each individual child.

Office hours: 10am – 6pm, Monday to Friday (We only accept applications from Wednesday to Friday)

Enquiry Hotline: 2456 2206

(5) What supporting documents are required? 

Applicants must submit ALL supporting documents upon application. Applicants need to bring both the original AND the copy of all documents for review purpose. Otherwise, your application will not be handled without prior notice.

  • Birth certificate of the child or ID card; and
  • Proof of social security assistance, or proof of full, 3/4, half textbook allowance, or referral letter by social worker; and
  • Bank book (inside pages) of both parents with name and bank account number; and
  • bank statement/records of financial condition for the latest 6 months. If bank statement is not available, income proof of other means must be provided (e.g. salary pay slip); and
  • address proof (e.g. lease contract, utility bills etc.); and
  • Student handbook (i.e. the page with student photo and family information); and
  • One student photo (about 5 cm x 2. 5 cm) – Please write down the name and telephone number of the child

(6)  Is it a must to apply in-person? Can I send the application form by post or authorize another person to submit the form on my behalf? 

Applicants must apply in-person. Our staff will verify whether all supporting documents have been submitted and whether application criteria is fulfilled. If supporting documents are not complete, we have the right to refuse to handle such application.

(7) How will the organization contact me for further notification? 

  • Upon verification of application, applicants will receive phone calls or whatsapp / wechat message for arrangement of interviews. If applicants fail to attend interviews at the scheduled time, his/her application will be regarded as failed.
  • Successful applicants for instrumental classes will attend Demonstration and Trial classes initially. Afterwards, if he/she passes the assessment, he/she will continue to instrumental classes with instrument assigned by the tutors, or choir classes. Selected candidates will also attend musical performances or other related activities.


 (8) When will I be notified after interview? 

In most cases, applicants will receive notification through whatsapp within two weeks after interview.

(9) If my application is unsuccessful, will the supporting documents be returned to me? 

Supporting documents submitted to the organization WILL NOT be returned to the applicants. Applicants should consider carefully before submission.

(10) Can I apply again next year if my application is not successful this year? Do I need to submit the supporting documents again? 

Since our student quota and number of application are different every year, parents are welcomed to apply again for their children if application is not successful at an earlier time. However, parents will have to re-submit all supporting documents as well as the application form.

(11) My/my spouse’s salary is given out by cash so I have no income proof. What should I do?  

To ensure all applicants are from low-income families, we will need salary proof issued by the employer if applicant’s salary is given out by cash.

(12) If my family income is over the required level but my child really wants to join, can I pay to join the classes?  

Our organization is a non-profit organization which serves only families with low-income at the moment.

(13) How can I reflect my opinion on your classes? 

We welcome parents reflect their views about our services. Please send us your thoughts via email at contact@musicchildren.org.hk, or fax to (852) 2456 3227.