Jockey Club Music Children Fruit Programme

Since 2013 Music Children Foundation has been providing free-of-charge music education to children from economically challenged families, and hitherto over 5,000 children and families from various districts had received our service.  As MCF steps into its 7th year running and with the continuous support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the “Jockey Club Music Children Seed Programme” that had been operated for the past three years is enhanced to become the “Jockey Club Music Children Fruit Programme” which targets children from age 6-12. The enhanced programme will provide new services and varieties in music trainings, not only in quality but also to bond family relationships.  Parents will be engaged to participate in parent’s chorus and to become members of the volunteer’s team – a chance to strengthen parent-child relationship and to connect with the society.  Our student graduates will be encouraged to volunteer as teaching assistants, a process to learn the values of giving and requiting the society.

In general, the music training programme lasts for 4 years.  For each student, MCF will conduct an assessment every year to determine his/her suitability to continue with the training.  At the end of the four years programme, MCF will do its best to secure scholarships for the outstanding students allowing them to continue with their music journey.

Besides regular classes, MCF will arrange performance opportunities for students in order they are trained to work as a team, and to uplift their confidence and sense of responsibility.


The registration of this year has ended.

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Eligible applicant: Age 6-12 children from grassroots family

Passionate in singing, and will join the chorus after a selection process.

Musical Instrument classes

Eligible applicant: Age8-12 children from grassroots family

After passing the Demonstration & Trial Class, qualified children are able to join the free-of-charge musical instrument classes conducted once a week by our professional music training team.

Musial instruments classes: Strings (violin, viola, cello), Woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone), Brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, tuba), and Percussion.  Suitable instrument for each student will be determined by tutors and music consultants after the completion of the Demonstration & Trial Class.