MUSIC Stand by Me

Curtain Down Successfully 15 Sept 2019

15 Sep 2019

The “Music Stand by Me” musical has ended with a bang on 15 September 2019.  We would like to say a big thank you to the sponsoring organization/sponsor, our partnering organizations, guests – Nancy Sit, Sheren Tang, Mimi Lo, Power Chan, Barbara Wong, Kay Ho and the audience.  We hope you find the story affecting and inspiring.

We would also like to thank everyone working at both front and back stage.  It was your passion and unwavering support that made this musical possible to touch so many hearts.  Once again we sincerely thank the playwright and director Jenus Ho, music composer and director Frankie Ho, Lyricist Rensen Chan, our choir/chorus conductor and lead actress Bobo Lo, orchestra conductor Jacky Leung, special guests appearing Andrew Cheung and Pater Cheung, cameo appearing Toby Lee, Grace Pong, Indy Lee, all the mime actors and actresses, the musicians and company, the production team, dance choreography; all performing parents and students, and lastly all MCF staff and volunteers.

We will continue our endeavour to provide opportunities to more children from the grassroots level, to help them lead a happy life through music.


25 Jun 2019

In the casting session in June, the young actors and actresses unleashed their talents and potentials to the judges.  The parents were by no means shy to expose their hidden gifts, which surprised and brought laughter to the judges.

Musical Details

14 May 2019

The children musical sponsored by Lee Hysan Foundation debuted in 2017 received rave reviews.  The musical will rerun this year with newly added features and branded as “MUSIC Stand by Me”.

With the participation of over 150 children in the musical, the story tells of the passion for music of a group of underprivileged children living in Shamshuipo.  Each of them may have their own challenges, they come together to play the most wonderful music; bringing joy to their families and the community.

In this rebranded musical, we emphasise on putting a link between “music” and “family” by letting both the children and their parents to perform together.  Another added feature is the involvement of “volunteer’s family” whereby the musical is filled with the warmth and love of family.

With great appreciation to the playwright and director of this musical “MUSIC Stand by Me” Jenus Ho, who created a wonderful play script; and music composer and music director Frankie Ho whose mellifluous music captures the hearts of the audience.  Their talents combined make this a brilliant musical.

Jenus Ho graduated at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where she received her BFA (Hons), major in Acting. Currently she is a freelance actress, playwright, director, drama tutor, guest lecturer at HKU SPACE, and an adjudicator of Hong Kong School Drama Festival.  She is passionate about drama and theatre education and is heavily involved in promoting theatre arts.

Frankie Ho graduated from both School of Music and School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He studied under Law Wing-fai (Composition) and Anthony Chan (Directing). Frankie is now a member of the composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd. He has been the composer, arranger and music director for many musicals.