Great Eagle Music Children Ensemble Debut Concert – Grow & Glow

7 Jan 2023


The GE Concert “Grow & Glow” ended with a bang in thundering applause. Thank you once again for the patronage and hope the audience had a wonderful experience. Your support is an approval and recognition to our young musicians of their achievements. With the energy and morale booster they will continue to excel and “Glow” on their musical journey.

We are immensely grateful to our founding sponsor and honorary patron Lo Ying Shek Chi Wai Foundation and major funder Great Eagle Group for supporting this concert. We would also like to thank all the on stage and back stage personnel; the dedicated support of MCF staff and volunteers.


Once again, thank you for supporting MCF.

About “Great Eagle Music Children Ensemble”


Over the past decade, the Music Children Foundation (MCF) has nurtured thousands of young music lovers who are keen to share their joy with the community.  Thanks to the founding sponsorship from the Great Eagle Group, the establishment of the Great Eagle Music Children Ensemble was made possible in 2018. This marked an important milestone in MCF’s development. All members of the Ensemble are graduates of MCF. The Ensemble is now made up of a 69-member-orchestra under the leadership of Music Director, Jacky Leung; and a chorus of 16 members under the tutelage of Choral Director, Dr Bobo Lo.  At the end of the 4 years free-of-charge music training, many Music Children aspire to learn more. Graduates who wish to pursue further music education will undergo a stringent examination and selection process, before being admitted into the Ensemble. Besides regular training, Ensemble members will have the opportunities to attend master classes, music exchange programmes and public performances. Most Music Children would eagerly desire the acceptance into the Ensemble, where they can grow and learn together, and serve the bigger society as a team.