“Amazing” summer party

29 Jun 2018

As summer comes to an end, it’s time for our music children to welcome another year of school!

In order to thank our cast of the “Amazing” musical for their hard work, Music Children Foundation organised an “Amazing” summer party on the 31st of August. Everyone had a blast with tons of food and entertainment and we hope in the new school year, our music children can continue to study and practice hard, creating even more wonderful musical performances for you.

Children Musical “Amazing”

Ended Successfully

3 Jun 2018

The children’s musical “Amazing” organised by Music Children Foundation ended successfully on the 3rd of June. The three performances were attended by a large number of supporters, including famous actors Sheren Tang and Engina Law, singers Song-Tak Cheung and Vivian Lai, as well as a group of volunteers and representatives from companies who have been supporting MCF for many years. Moreover, families and friends of our little actors together with supporters from local nurseries also attended our musical.

After two months of intense training and rehearsals, our young actors stepped onto the big stage for the first time with big smiles and confidence, touching the hearts of our audience. Our children’s soft yet determined voices together with the rhythmic beat from the live band brings the audience something they have never seen before, as well as enjoying these well-known classical songs in a unique and different way.

We must thank our generous charitable partners for making this possible. Thank you to Friends of Asia for their sponsorship, the Hong Kong Artiste Golf Association and Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation for their donation, and Hong Kong MTR for providing free advertising lightboxes. Last but not least, thank you to Stan Group, East Ocean Gourmet Group, Hung Fook Tong and Jeffrey Koo for providing food and beverages for our music children and staff, allowing them to concentrate in rehearsals and performances!

All funds raised will go towards our foundation, enabling more underprivileged children to learn music, developing artistic interest!

About “Amazing”

27 Apr 2018

In today’s competitive environment, the purpose of study is always a tug of war between acquiring knowledge and attaining high marks; follow the heart or follow the scores when choosing interests. In “Amazing”, innocent children will sing to celebrate their joy in life, and to send their true voices to other parents.

“Amazing” is composed of a series of classical songs, re-arranged with catchy Cantonese phrases which allows the audience to experience these classical songs in a different and unique way. This musical is performed by a group of 4-9 year olds from grass-root families, accompanied by the live orchestra, bringing a thought-provoking performance to the audience.