Beyond the small box lies unlimited imagination exhibition and concert

18 Apr 2023


The six days of Jockey Club Music Children Fruit Programme “Beyond the small box lies unlimited imagination exhibition and concert” ended in thunderous applause and appreciation by parents and visitors to the Central Market. Amongst the different exhibition stations the mock-up subdivided flat drew immense interest as visitors, adults and children had the opportunity to experience the environment in which our music children practise their musical instruments. That indeed shed a light on the poverty issue in Hong Kong. Many visitors wrote messages of encouragement to our children and MCF. We are truly thankful for their goodwill.


Once again we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the guests of honour and friends from the performing arts for their presence on 18 April and 22 April. A big thank you to our Music Director Jacky, Chorus/Choir Director Ms Bobo, and all MCF conductors and tutors for they had led over 400 music children (9 chorus/choir and 10 ensembles) to perform a marathon style concert on 23 April, attracting visitors to the Central Market to stop and listen to the performance. We hope this event will draw more public attention to the missions of MCF, to support us and our music children.


Our gratitude goes to the following organizations who helped made this event a success.

Production – Eva Chow@Vab Production
Stage Design Director – Simon Chow
Spatial Design – Bill Cheung
Audio Equipment – Mad Music Ltd.
Advertising & Promotion – Illustration: Kimhung Design & Alan@silverdots
Media Arrangement – Ngai’s Trading Co.
Event Photography – KKWORKSHOP
Videos & Interview Clips – Vincent Jim 、Ho Chi Kwong@Video Factory
Enterprise Volunteering Team–Deutsche Bank
MCF Board
MCF Volunteer team
MCF staff