is equivalent to beauty. While bringing about relaxation, it can carry the audience to a boundless universe. Music does not select its audience, nor would it be limited by racial or physical differences.

However, a significant number of children have been deprived of the right to enjoy music owing to limited resources or physical disabilities. They cannot enjoy music in concert halls as often as others do.

“Music For Everyone Concert” aims to bring the joy of classical music and quality performance to children and their family members. We also invite children who suffer from genetic diseases such as Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS), autism and Down’s Syndrome, as well as children with other disabilities and those from less privileged families, to enjoy the performance for free. Many of which will have their first taste of live classical music.

Top-notch musicians have been invited to perform in the Concert and they will be performing on- and off-stage that the audience can appreciate music up-close.

Date: 6 July 2016 (Wed), 7:30pm
Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall

Ticket Price: $150 (Same price for all)

Special Guest: Ms. Eman Lam, Singer-songwriter

Guest Performers:

Ms. Colleen Lee, Piano

Ms. Leslie Ryang, Violin

Ms. Anna Kwan, Cello

Ms. Jiang Xinlai, Double Bass

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With your generosity, 800 children and their family members will have their first taste of live classical music.

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About 100 volunteers will be recruited for the concert.

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Tickets are now available for sale at URBTIX

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