Corporate/Group Sponsorship

Your participation can surely make a difference !

Be our partners

Corporate partnership in various kinds of fundraising activities such as company and/or workplace staff donation, donation of customer sales proceeds, fundraising in company functions or programs as well as corporate volunteering support are much treasured.

Ways of Collaboration

  • Programme Sponsorship (e.g. musical, community performances, scholarships, bands etc.)
  • Venue Sponsorship (e.g. class venues, performance venues, offices etc.)
  • In-kind Sponsorship (e.g. food & beverages, electrical appliances, AV equipments, instruments etc.)
  • Corporate volunteer team

For discussion on corporate/group sponsorship matters, please call us at 2456 2206 or send email to


Financial Support

Your continuous support is vital for motivating us to move forward and work harder. It will not only provide us a stable income to sustain our work but also help reduce our administration cost. Please join our monthly donation programme!

  • It can be monthly or one-off donation;
  • Donation of HK$100 or above will be tax deductible;
  • Donation can be made by individual or corporation.

Download <Donation Form> and <Direct Debit Authorization>

Please send the filled forms to

No. 1, G/F,  Cheong Yat House, Nam Cheong Estate, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

Online Donation

  2. Through Givo App
    • Under the tab, Charity, search Music Children Foundation
    • Options include one-off and regular donation.
  3. Payme
    • Install the Payme Apps
    • Search our telephone number : 9263 1371
    • Enter the amount
    • Follow the instruction to finish the steps.
  4. Stream Lab