Formed by a group of professional musicians graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and others overseas Music Academies, Music Children Foundation strives for providing free training on music instruments to those children aged below 12 and who do not get the chance to learn music due to their impoverishment. The programmes provide courses on Music Theory  and Music Instruments so as to allow these children not only to try play with music instruments but also discover the potential talented children to further train them to perform skillfully in an ensemble group. In addition to music training, some of these beneficiaries under the programs will be invited to participate in an ensemble group or choir, rehearsing and performing publicly filmyporno69 darmowe porno. Besides, they will also be invited to attend concerts, workshops and parent-child integration music camp, together with their parents or/and grandparents.


To Introduce music to underprivileged children at an early age and to cultivate their core values towards building a harmonious society.


  • To provide an early music education for underprivileged children in Hong Kong, making it an enjoyable experience that builds the children’s confidence, strengthens their character, and enables them to express themselves through music.
  • To provide a comprehensive music education program through the teaching of music instruments, music appreciation, and attendance of music and other arts performances, such activities are all conducted under the supervision of professionally-trained musicians.
  • To provide an opportunity for children to develop their talents in music alongside their academic studies.
  • To engage family members in music-related activities as participants or volunteers to enhance parent-child relationship.
  • To foster a life-long interest in the arts through the learning of music.


Core Values

In Music Children Foundation, we value:

Modesty & Respect Respect, appreciate and recognize every individual for his or her talents and abilities.
Kindness & Love Be kind and loving to the children, their parents, colleagues, supporters and associates.
Equality & Fairness Treat people equally regardless of their ages, gender, race and background.
Generosity Be generous in living one’s time and resources to others in need.
Acceptance Welcome children and their families who come from different background, as well as others from across generations into Music Children Foundation, making everyone a worthy member of the community.
Community Spirit Create a close-knit and caring community through working with different groups when delivering the programs of Music Children Foundation.
Team Spirit Work as a team in a caring and friendly environment.
Integrity Use resources with care and prudence to ensure the best possible services for the biggest number of beneficiaries.
Creativity We encourage children to unlock their creativity on music.
Excellence Strive for excellence under professional coaching and a friendly learning environment.